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Canaries AVIARY

Canaries AVIARY

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In store we have a variety of aviary Canaries, males, females and pairs available ! 

Canaries are available in an array of bright colours and can vary in size depending on this. These can include Apricot, white, red factor, and yellow. Give us a ring to clarify what we have available at any time.  

Canaries are small finches about 4 to 8 inches, weighing less than 1 ounce. Not only are these birds pleasing to the eye, but many male canaries develop a beautiful sounding whistle. Canaries enjoy being around people but do not appreciate heavy handling in the way that budgies and parrots do. They are low maintenance, the perfect beginner pet, and make excellent additions to a household or aviary !

Canaries are hardy birds but as with all small finches, always keep an eye that the temperature does not get too cold or too hot for them to avoid sickness. Provided they are properly looked after they live from 10-15 years.

Canaries should be fed a canary seed mix, combined with some vegetables and fruit. These can include Bok choy, spinach, seeding grass, silverbeet, broccoli and cucumber as well as fruits such as apple and orange ! They should have access to water at all times.

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