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Zebra Finches AVIARY

Zebra Finches AVIARY

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In store we have a variety of aviary Zebra Finches, males, females and pairs available ! 

Zebra Finches can come in a variety of colours, including grey, fawn, White, Pied, charcoal, yellow-beaked and chestnut. Give us a ring to clarify what we have available at any time.  

The Zebra finch is the most common estrildid finch of Central Australia. The average size of a Zebra finch is 4 inches and 12 grams in weight. Zebra finches are the ultimate beginner's bird because they are very affordable, easy to maintain and breed. They are attractive, inexpensive, placid birds and make great additions to a house or an aviary !

Zebra finches are hardy and cope well with a mixed community of birds. Provided that they are properly looked after they can live for about 10 years. 

Zebra finches should be fed a food finch seed mix as well as fruits, veggies and even live food as well. Some fruits and vegetables popular with Zebra finches include rocket, spinach, endive, corn, basil, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower, dandelions, wheatgrass, orange, apple, pear, kiwi and strawberry ! They should have access to water at all times.

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